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About AirWave Networks

AirWave Networks has the goal of providing high-speed internet to people living in rural areas. Those living out of town know the struggle of getting certain media to load on your devices and TV.

For anyone living in town, you know that you have very few choices for an internet provider. With bad customer service, slow upload speeds, and high latency, they do not meet the high standards that need to be met. Airwave Networks fixes all of those issues! Contact us today! 


For more information about our services, please submit the contact found through the menu above.


How do we compare?

With real high-speed internet, you can now get a streaming tv provider saving you even more money and some streaming providers allow you to record an unlimited amount of channels. With low latency, gaming with us will be way less laggy than with a traditional cable provider. Finally, with nearly symmetrical speeds, uploading your favorite videos, pictures, and documents with be done in no time!

How is our service different?

Our wireless system allows for the same speeds you would get with fiber in most places. Wireless is cheaper and just as reliable as fiber optic. Our fiber-to-the home service, is much better than any other service provider. Our service was built for the future. Being a private company, we can pivot and immediately perform upgrades making your service better. By choosing a private company for your internet needs, you are choosing a company that is constantly innovating news ways to make internet build outs more affordable. You are also supporting a company that is looking for ways to constantly better customer support.

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