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Finks Road

Finks Road will be getting multi-gigabit capable internet service this Spring! To start, plans up to 500mbps symmetrical internet will be offered. Once enough people signup for service, 1gig symmetrical service will be offered. The antennas being used in this expansion project will allow multi-gigabit service to be offered in the future. This will truly be a future-proof site. The Finks site will also allow for further expansion to other underserved areas. Not all of Finks will be able to get service at the start. Service will be available around the Finks Church area. If you are interested in service please send us an email or fill out the request for service form! 

None of these expansion projects have used any government money and Airwave Networks has yet to get any government grants to help expand into rural areas.


This shows our commitment to offering the best service possible to our customers. Being a private company, we are always working towards innovating new ways and more efficient ways to get future-proof internet to rural homes. The Finks Road project will be a big step forward.












Coming Soon



Standard Install: $150

400-1gig Install: $250

1yr contract being offered to discount pricing by $10 on all plans

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